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How to Choose a Card Payment Processing Partner


Credit card processing fees are going to eat into your margins. It’s almost unavoidable without legislative changes. Understand that the best you’re going to be able to do is to minimize those losses,… Continue reading

What do Lenders Look at when Evaluating my Business for a Loan?


We’ve been told with uncharacteristic bluntness from lenders – particularly alternative financing lenders – that demand for loans remains high right now. For example, most lenders today will charge a fee to take… Continue reading

Tax Credits


The tax credit landscape is vast, potentially lucrative, and weird. Take, for example, the Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels Credit. It sounds harmless enough – earn 50 cents in tax credits for every… Continue reading

Equipment Leasing Guide


According to the Equipment and Leasing Finance Association, more and more businesses are using leasing as an alternative to traditional bank financing. In an industry that continues to grow, businesses lease over $500… Continue reading

Business Tax Basics


First, pay all your taxes. Seriously. We know, it sounds obvious.  But you can’t plead ignorance, and tax mistakes can come back hard, especially if you’ve been successful. You can’t underpay your taxes and… Continue reading

Warning Signs of a Bad Lender


Multiple complaints on Internet scam boards Any company doing enough business is bound to draw complaints. But lenders – especially alternative lenders who don’t have to answer to a regulator – should be… Continue reading

Tax Tips for Small Businesses


Paying taxes and filing taxes can be a daunting job. If you’re in business, then you know why accountants drive nice cars. However, before you sign up with any company offering tax services,… Continue reading

What Kinds of Loans Do Small Businesses Look For?


Small business loan Financial institutions can also call these term loans or business venture loans. These loans are often larger than line of credit borrowings, and require at least as much documentation. Unlike… Continue reading

Franchising 101: What to Know Before You Invest


It seems like a lifetime ago, but I once worked for Starbucks. The pay wasn’t great, but the perks were good. Just saving you the trouble of making that joke yourself. One of… Continue reading

Highest Paying Cities in the USA


Infographic authored by PaycheckCity. To view the original post, see the original The Best Paycheck Cities in America 2013 Infographic.

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